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By using the Cloud-Inject SDK, you accept the Cloud-Inject SDK License 1.0.

You can view it in the file below: Cloud-Inject SDK version 1.0 End User License Agreement (hereafter the License)

The present Cloud-Inject SDK software (hereafter the Software) and any modifications made to it, are a proprietary software edited by KOTZILLA SAS (hereafter the Company) a French company duly registered under n° 921 682 076 at the Albi Registry of Commerce in France, who is the exclusive owner of the Software with the exception of the integrated Free Software applications which remain the property of their authors. By using the Software, you, as the end user (hereafter the User), accept the following License conditions without restrictions and undertake not to dispute the Company's intellectual property relating to the design and marketing of the Software.

For the purposes of providing the Services, and for no other purpose, KOTZILLA SAS grants to you as the User a perpetual, personal, non-exclusive license to access and to use the Software, as such Software shall be made available from time to time in accordance with the provisions hereof. The User may not sub-license, assign to, or share the License without prior express written consent of the Company. For the avoidance of doubt, Services are subject to a dedicated Subscription Contract set up between the Parties. The Software is provided on a free of charge basis. The use of available new features as may be released by the Company may be subject to additional fees, not mentioned in the present EULA.

User is authorized to use the Software for its own needs exclusively, performing any IT processing or services for third parties by using the software, particularly custom contractual work is prohibited. In accordance with the law, all reproduction of the Software is limited to the backup copy and only for security reasons. It is prohibited to reproduce the associated documentation. The Company expressly reserves the exclusive right to modify the Software to allow it to be used in compliance with its purpose and particularly to correct errors. User is therefore formally prohibited from intervening or modifying or having a third party intervene on the Software.

The Company shall not be bound to provide any form of technical support on the Software but shall endeavor to do so as soon as reasonably practicable and only if they are raised by User as a Customer. KOTZILLA makes no representation and gives NO WARRANTY that the Software is error free. The User is solely responsible for the use he makes of the Software and of the results obtained by implementing the Software, without possible recourse against the Company. In particular, the Company cannot be held liable due to errors, whatever the cause, in the results obtained or the data used, which it is the User’s exclusive responsibility to verify and safeguard.

If one of the Parties fails to fulfil his obligations, this License shall be terminated by right thirty (30) days after formal notice remaining without effect, without prejudice to any damages which could be claimed from the defaulting Party. Should any of the provisions of this License be canceled or deprived of all or part of its effects by a decision or an event outside the control of either of the Parties, this nullity or this deprivation of effect shall not result in the nullity of the other stipulations of the License. The Parties expressly agree to replace by a rider the terms canceled or deprived of any legal effect if one of them requests it.

This License is governed by the laws and regulations of the French Republic.

Copyright © KOTZILLA SAS 2023 - All Rights Reserved